Our Best Features

Portfolio, Timeline, Group field, Tags, Gallery, etc


Joomla Content

TZ Portfolio inherits all current functions of com_content as (Article, Categories, Featured Article, Archive, etc)



TZ Portfolio provides you with a flexible portfolio that helps you display your product in the best way.



TZ Portfolio supports a lot of article types as Image, Image slider, Youtube, Vimeo, Embed HTML


Extra Field

It's a strong feature of TZ Portfolio. Extra fields can be used to include extra data into your items.



Our TZ Portfolio ensures your website compatible with all the devices on which it is displayed


Comment System

TZ Portfolio supports popular comment systems as JComment, Facebook Comment, DISQUS Comment.



TZ Portfolio supports Rich snippets. Google can identify it and, when users search for apps, use this information to better display your app details in search results.



With tags there is the opportunity to assign tags to articles and then be able to search and group articles by those tags. Tagging will also allow for articles to be assigned to multiple tags for each filtering and sorting.

TZ Portfolio Gallery

Some screenshots about TZ Portfolio features

What Our Client Says

They talk about us

“I think that this extension is in the wrong category - it is a fully fledged cck. I loaded it onto a Joomla 3.2 site everything worked. Having the ability to set column widths was a plus. It appears to have more functionality than K2 and yet it works within the core of joomla. I would be prepared to pay for this extension - my only hesitation in using it for my next project is the simple search type function. An add on to filter by fields would be perfect! ”
- maidenholm -
“I'm not a programmer, just a graphic designer and user so I can't talk about the code but just about the user experience. The extension does what it says. Is a free extension (remember this). Need a little time to understand how it runs but is not so hard, remember that a 36 feet sail boat is more complex than a 10 feet one. A bit of goodwill can help the users and however these guys work hard and are writing a new document system help. May be I'm lucky but all the issue I submitted on support forum have had quick and kind reply. Keep up the good job! ”
- pranky -
“Let me say this from my deep heart.. Your comparing to most available club templates are better and your application are more user-friendly, enhanced and nicer..”
- tqrowgy -
“I can see me using this on nearly all my website projects in the future. The title is a little misleading - sounds like it only displays a portfolio gallery or something - it is far more! Does everything K2 does, but in a way which integrates with joomla and works way better! I look forward to continuing to use this component for a long time - great that it's free open source too! ”
- ntodd7 -
“A great extension, pleases responsiveness developers and rapid development ”
- TimurNN -


TZ Portfolio Improvement

06/11/2015 - 3.3.2
- Fix error:    + Option Show introtext in module TZ Articles Popular
    + Display image in module TZ Categories Menu
    + Sort in view portfolio and timeline.
    + Grouping option in module TZ Articles Category.
    + Filter character with unicode font.
    + Extrafield with type is link (when edit article if this extrafield was assigned this article).
- Featured: 
    + Insert some options for SEF Url in tab advanced options:
        +) Prefix Users (Author) URLs
        +) Article ID And Alias Separator
        +) Use Article ID
        +) .....
    + Call content joomla trigger for modules: TZ Latest News, TZ Most Popular, TZ Portfolio Feature Article
- Update languages : Japan, Portuguese and Russian from https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/tzportfolio/ page
03/24/2015 - 3.3.1
Fix can't display comment for views article and p_article in front-end.
Add image size and image slider global config to article view (add or edit article) in back-end.
Add feature resize all images in back-end.
Add option original image for all module of TZ Portfolio.
Remove less, Compile less to css and Compress JS feature. Remove Options: "CSS Compression" and "Jvascript Compression" in "Advanced Options".
Update Flexslider script.
Update Fluidvids script.
03/09/2015 - 3.3.0
Add option "No parent" for list category when create article in front-end.
Fix display category's image and subcategory's image in view blog.
Fix article's sort of portfolio view.(change "sortby" option of isotope script in portfolio/tmpl/default.php file).
Fix containertype (Fixed Width, Full Width) for p_article view.
Fix padding for p_article view.
Remove option show_introtext in views p_article and article (in file: view.html.php).
Add option upload original image.
Display tags for views: portfolio, category, featured, timeline, date, portfolio user.
Add hits column for articles view in back-end (like com_content).
12/10/2014 - 3.2.9
Fix template error: when using Default Template, your article does not show content of version 3.2.8.
Update some meta tags: description, keywords, robots or author for portfolio, timeline, tag, user views.
Update editor for extrafield.
Fix js of feature template.
11/19/2014 - 3.2.8
Can add parameters options for tag (when add or edit tag) with trigger "onContentPrepareForm" of plugin's events content.
Fix error javascript in create article view in front-end.
Fix template error:  when using Default Template, your article does not show content.
09/04/2014 - 3.2.4
Fix error with introtext in 2 detail view.
Fix code in plugin plg_user_tz_portfolio with joomla 3.3.3
Fix sort category filter in portfolio and timeline view (if the option "Category Order" was chosen).
Fix some warnings in script.php file when install or uninstall this extension.
07/09/2014 - 3.2.3
New Feature: Layout builder of template style for Article Single.
06/20/2014 - 3.2.2
Fix some error: with plazart v3.5 (hidden menu when press mouse on right), js when create or edit field in admin.
Insert Association for category and article with joomla 3.3.1
Update languages: Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese (Japan), Russian (Russia) from transifex
05/07/2014 - 3.2.1
Compatible with Joomla 3.3
Update Portuguese(Brazil) and Russian(Russia) languages from transifex.com
03/14/2014 - 3.1.9
Fix Twitter share button for 2 views: article  and p_article.
Fix notice for view archive.
Fix some notices and category's link for module mod_tz_categories.
Fix error with function "TzSortfilter" for 2 views: portfolio and timeline.
Quality for Audio's thumbnail.
02/11/2014 - 3.1.8
Update bootrap library to version 2.3 and icon_moon(insert some icons).
Update some code for module Tz_portfolio_articles_latest (in file helper.php)
Update jQuery-migrate library for jQuery-1.9.1
Remove code css in module tz_portfolio_articles_lates.php
Insert option show Created date for module "mod_tz_portfolio_articles_lates".
Insert options On/Off bootstrap and on/off jQuery libraries.
Insert attribute alt for img tag in all views.
Fix bug: Download Attachment when Enable Engine Friendly URLs.
Fix bug: Tag is not filter when it is separated by dot "."
Fix bug: Pagination after editting article.
Fix bug: media type displays in Articles Manager (in admin).
Fix bug: Image author in views: Single Article and Portfolio Single Article.
11/19/2013 - 3.1.7
Fix some bugs (Error when create article with some php version. and some warning).
New Features: - A article only display with a single view (Portfolio Single Article or Single Article).
              - Can change "item" router name (have option) and switch it for Portfolio's article or Blog's article.
              - Insert custom scrollbar (can change css for it) for lightbox.
              - Insert some options to display Quote's article, Link's article or Original article for modules: "TZ Portfolio Feature Article", "TZ Most Popular" and " TZ Articles - Newsflash".
08/29/2013 - 3.1.6
Fix error with metad tags.
Insert 2 social buttons: Pinterest and LinkedIn (have 2 options: "Show Pinterest Button" and "Show LinkedIn Options" in global tab "Social Network - Comments") for Single Article and Portfolio Single Article view.
08/24/2013 - 3.1.5
Change router for all view.
Change image name, image slider name and thumb name of video and audio when save article.
Insert date articles view (new view).
Change Module Archive (have option redirect to date view).
Update ja-JP,pt-BR and ru-RU languages.
07/31/2013 - 3.1.4
Fix bug with HTTPFetcher file in back-end.
Fix conflict function tzimport with old plazart.
07/30/2013 - 3.1.3
Insert Menu active for user.
Warning in tags and users.
Error filter (Categories and Tags) in the portfolio and timeline page.
Error in the module “mod_tz_portfolio_articles_random” and add option redirect to for this module.
Add Option: Override User Forms(Use or not use User forms of TZ Portfolio component)  in plugin System – TZ Portfolio.
Add Option: Use Short Code in plugin Content – TZ Portfolio.
Vote not display in the Single Portfolio Article view.
Fix title link in detail page when use lightbox.
Add SoundCloud music.
Fix scroll for Layout Paging in Portfolio and Timeline view.
Fix article’s description when create or edit in front-end.
Fix display tag html of user’s description in all page.
Fix Filter letter in the category blog page.
Fix fields group in back-end for joomla 3.1.5.
06/17/2013 - 3.1.2
Fix tags alias in router file.
Fix bug for the user's description.
Fix author's link for some views: portfolio, timeline,....
Update flexslider library version 2.1 with flexslider.js and flexslider.css files.
Add some parameters in global config: 
	- Limit Related (In Articles Options)
	- In Image Slider Options:
		+ Animation Loop
		+ Smooth Height
		+ Randomize
		+ Start At
		+ Item Width
		+ Item Margin
		+ Items Min
		+ Items Max