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Introduce 3 new add-ons: Feature Box, Video Content, and Gallery Content


Are you ever looking for a way to insert a bunch of things like video, image gallery, or even some feature boxes in a portfolio article? If yes, you have come to the right place. We have recently developed 3 brand new add-ons for TZ Portfolio+ extension including Feature Box, Video Content, and Gallery Content. These add-ons will certainly be helpful tools for you to create interesting articles, that are appealing to visitors at the first impression. 

1. Feature Box

Feature Box comes with a description, an image and a button

Feature Box was created to help users to add different feature boxes including description text, icon/image, and even button. This is a quick and easy way to present additional information in an attractive manner.

How to install Feature Box add-on

2. Video Content

A video from Vimeo playing in the article

With the video content add-on, you're able to add a video from YouTube or Vimeo in a detailed article. Moreover, it also provides you with various options like AutoPlay, Loop, Mute, Auto Pause, ByLine, Video Title, Portrait, Controls, Show Own Channel Related Video, Turn Off Youtube Cookie.

 How to install Video Content add-on

3. Gallery Content

An image gallery added in an article with a title on each image

Gallery Content is a useful addon that allows you to create a stunning image gallery and put it inside an article. Just install and using its drag & drop function to upload your images. You also can give each image a title or caption right below. In the frontend, the image gallery will be beautifully displayed with a lightbox.

In the backend, apart from lightbox options, the add-on enables you to configure image size, grid-style (grid, masonry, or horizontal masonry), width and height, image title position.

How to install Gallery Content add-on

With these 3 amazing add-ons, you will find them so easy to use thanks to necessary options to configure. It's possible to decide in which position of the article each of them will be placed by using layout builder. Just add new rows or columns, and drag & drop. Finally, I hope you enjoy to discover them all, and don't forget to give us your feedback then. 

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