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7 reasons why you should use Bootstrap Framework


In current, there are dozens of CSS frameworks available for you to pick up one. However, It can be said that Bootstrap is playing an important role as the trendiest front-end framework that is most popularly used by many website developers all over the world. 

Bootstrap is an open source toolkit that initially developed by Twitter. Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites.

So why has Bootstrap become so popular like this? Let's discover 7 best reasons that drive this trend

1. Easy to use

With Bootstrap, handling your projects will be completely effortless and speedy. For those who prefer to work with LESS files, here you go because Bootstrap already offers them. But if you're not interested in using CSS pre-processing, the plan old CSS file is still available to you to work on. In addition, you also can utilize Bootstrap along with Sass.

2. Responsive

Because of the rise of mobile devices, responsiveness has turned out as the most important and compulsary requirement for every website nowadays. With bootstrap, building a site with responsive design which automatically adjusts themselves to look beautiful on all devices from mobile phones to large desktops is a hassle-free task. This approach is often referred to as mobile-first.

3. Powerful Grid System

When it comes to Bootstrap, it's capable of building a grid system containing up to 12 columns across the page with responsiveness. The number of columns will be ordered responsively according to the screen size.
If you are interested in a fixed grid or a responsive layout, it just takes a few changes without much effort at all.

4. Customize with ease

If you want to customize bootstrap's default design, it just takes a little effort by overriding its CSS and default JavaScript. Moreover, Bootstrap also offers Sass customization options, so that you will surely find it awesome to build templates if you're good at Sass. 

5. Available with JavaScript plugins

Apart from HTML and CSS based design templates, you can have an access to a pack of optional JavaScript plugins coming with Bootstrap. It's functionality offers a simple way when you deal with such things like tooltips, modal windows, alerts, etc. You can even be free from writing scripts.

6. Pre-built components

By using Bootstrap, you can find it easy to approach pre-styled components for Alerts, Breadcrumb, Buttons, Carousel, Dropdowns, Forms, Modal, Pagnation, Collapse, etc. You can take a huge advatage of what Bootstrap offers to speeed up your workflow.

7. Open Source

Bootstrap is an open source toolkit hosted on GitHub, so that you won't need to worry about license issues at all. You're free to experience and enjoy stunning features that Bootstrap offers. In addition, there are more than 9,000 commits, and over 500 contributors come along with Bootstrap, that builds up an enormous support community which will certainly help to address any problems as soon as possible.

Here above are some outstanding features that Bootstrap can bring to you. Bootstrap has already been available with version 4 which contains new components, faster stylesheet and improved responsiveness. With Bootstrap 4, building an awesome mobile-friendly website becomes much quicker and streamlined, as well as full of flexibility and ease.

Honestly, we're well aware of that keeping up to date with latest technologies is the best way of not only improving product's quality, but users' experience. TZ Portfolio+ is not an exception. We have already integrated the latest version of Bootstrap with TZ Portfolio+ 2.3.0, so you can easily find the option to enable Bootstrap Library and Bootstrap version. Let's explore how TZ Portfolio+ is improved with Bootstrap 4!

Introduce a brand-new module - TZ Flex Grid 1.0.0
TZ Portfolio+ 2.3.0 is live now with new stuff and...

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