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8 Tips to create a professional Joomla portfolio website


People say "First impression matter". And if you have a portfolio website, this is your first impression to a potential client. Their eyes may sparkle before your website or hit the "back" button after 5 seconds. It all depends on your portfolio website.

This article will help you create a professional Joomla portfolio website with 8 helpful tips.

1. Get your site a logo

​You don't need anything too fancy. A logo made from your name in a decorative style is simple enough to make your site look more professional.

"But if I don't know any design skill?"

Don't worry, there are now hundreds of online applications that help you create a logo for free, and within seconds. If you want a more customize logo, paying a few bucks for a junior designer still help.

2. Be concise in your word 

Every day, clients may have to see a lot of resumes, portfolios around the clock. The amount of time they spent on a portfolio website is limited.

Therefore, for the first few seconds, they must know who you are, and what is your profession. Don't waste their time for common, unnecessary phrases like "Welcome", "Hi" sort of things.

Be specific, and concise about every line you put in your homepage. If you don't have anything impressive to say, start with your profession and experiences.

Be able to read your content conveniently is also essential. Making your client confuse with awful type font and distracting images needs to avoid. 

Use concise, straightforward like this to help clients understand who you are

3. Focus on your portfolio showcase

What you show, and how you show it really matter. Despite what you advertise about yourself, your previous works still account for 80% of the chance for getting hired.

Therefore, there are 2 important things you need to remember:

  • First, only show your best works for a job you are searching.
  • Second, showcase your portfolio creatively and logically.Don't be greedy to show all of your projects because it's a mistake that may make your portfolio page look like a mess if you don't do it right.
How to show your portfolio creatively and logically?

I have one word for you: "Image". An amazing, eye-catching image is the fastest way if you want to impress someone in a few seconds. Moreover, image display suit for everyone even if you don't work for a creative industry.

Hiring a professional is the best way to implement, however, not everyone will have money for that choice. Many people choose to do it by themselves. Therefore, going with an extension will help you a lot.

Thankfully, TZ Portfolio+ has all kind of image layout styles you can choose. They all capable of impressing your client at first sight with their creative display.

Take a look at these styles.

Gaia style is an ideal choice for any photographer.

 If you are an artist, maybe Art Gallery layout could be your solution.

Or you can choose Besley style, elegant and straightforward, suit for all kind of job. 

 These above styles are just fews in many amazing display styles that TZ Portfolio+ has to offer. You could view their demo to choose your most suitable style

4. Collect testimonial for your site

Clients are the same as you. They are very reluctant to work with a no-name guy.

Therefore, try to get as many as positive reviews from your previous customers as soon as possible. This method is the fastest and most effective way to build your credibility.

As you do this, you will experience many clients hesitate to give you a testimonial. Not because they don't want to help you but they lack writing skill, and do not find the time to do it. Therefore, it will be helpful if you offer to write for them also.

If you are still in the early year of your career or just start working as a freelancer, there is a high chance that you don't have any client.

In that case, a tip for you is asking your former employers to put a few good words in your site. Even if you can't manage to do that, you still have an alternative way to make your clients take notice of you, which we will discuss in the next section.

In summary, remember to collect your client's testimonial and ask for their permission to post it on your site.

5. Tell a story with about page

If you don't have an amazing portfolio or many testimonial reviews, a well-done about page will always be your last resort.

What element makes a well-written about page?

As the name says a lot about its function, it tells about you, isn't it? Therefore, after a few minutes of reading your bio. Clients must be able to answer by themselves these question:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your profession, experience?
  • What motivated you to do the job? - Why you do what you do?
  • What kind of work are you looking for right now?

There is no set of rule to specific you what to write and what not. However, in my experiences, all the about page will try to answer those questions at least.

Others helpful tips:

  • Don't ramble. Make clear, concise sentences. 250 - 300 words is an adequate length.
  • Include your avatar is important. But make it looks professional is a key.
  • List your achievements and rewards at the end.
  • Consider including a few personal details like hobbies, love/hate, etc. It could build personality for your site.
  • Mind your writing tone. Lots of people try to be humor in their words, but it must keep in the boundary of professionalism.
  • Be truthful. Clients hate people lying about them self. You still can keep something out but if it related to your work, try as honest as you can.
  • Proofread. Not just about page. Proofread your whole site. Don't let small mistakes keep you from a job opportunity.

In summary, after you finish making about page, it's expected to look like a short version of your work-life story. Go to bestfolios.com to find the best portfolios as an example. 

Zi Nguyen has a nice about page

6. Make your contact page right

Professional comes from simple things. You can have an amazing website design, but fall to delivery clear contact information will also make clients fall you.

Best practice:

  • Email, a phone number is a must-have.
  • Links to your social media account in case clients can't reach you through conventional way.
  • A resume is optional but recommended if you still are in the early year in your career.
  • Make a simple contact form. It's an easy and convenient way for a client to leave you a message.
  • Make yourself frequently available. Don't let their message goes waiting for days.
  • Others contact method is considered if it is popular in your field. For example: Skype.
This is a very well done contact page

7. Blog often

Word is powerful. Blogging is the best way to display your expertise. And clients love expert people.

It may be time-consuming, but it'll worth your time. Expertise, well-written article come from your own experiences could be the fastest way to win a client mind.

Not just that, with adequate knowledge about SEO, your blog also can be the source of constant organic traffic. Your word will get spread as well as your works.

The more traffic you get, the more work opportunity will come. 

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Neil just blogs and his words help him find his first client

8. Save your time with a template

Time is money.

You may lose both time and money as you are desperately trying to do it on your own. My advice is get some help.

An optimized portfolio template like JSN Agency by JoomlaShine will help you create an outstanding portfolio website. Responsive layout, mobile-friendly, easy to modify, works perfectly with TZ Portfolio+, the template is all set for you.

The only job left for you is changing the content then starting to promote your portfolio to your potential clients.

This is just a small investment for continuing success in the future. Be wise in your choice. 

In summary,

Not long ago, a portfolio website is popular just among designers, photographers, and who works in the creative field.

However, as the web design industry advances, now, there are various web page builders help non-coding skill people create a website easily.

Therefore, if you notice, a portfolio website is now for everyone who works as a freelancer regardless of their job.

A portfolio is an effective way to promote your works to your future clients. However, it could be a double-edged sword if you don't do it right. And I sincerely hope with these 8 tips; you will get your dream job through your impressive Joomla portfolio site.

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