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Hot updates on 5 TZ Portfolio+ Styles & Add-on


Hi guys, 

We concern that working as a website developer or an administrator is not only accomplished by launching the website, but keeping it up to date plays a very important task also. From our end, we always do our best to provide all the latest possible goodies via frequent product updates. 

And today is not an exception. Our team have already updated several TZ Portfolio+ styles and add-ons, so that to offer you a performance boost of these and few fixes to some known issues. Let's see what are included in this batch of updates!

Grid Gallery Add-on

Grid Gallery is an add-on helping you to create a grid gallery in single article view. It supports 3 stunning gallery types: Grid, Masonry and Horizontal Masonry and displays images in lightbox gallery. There are some options for lightbox available such as Auto-Slideshow, Fullscreen display, Zoom image, Download, Social share and Show thumbnail image. 

**Grid Gallery 1.0.1 - Changelogs**

  • Support for Carousel module
  • Fix issue create article on front-end
  • Fix some mirror issue of css style
  • Fix some mirror issue for Date view

Folio style

Folio is clean style, it has predefined styling for portfolio, showcase, project work. It is well designed with PhotoSwipe Lightbox. The compatibility with Grid Gallery add-on will be a plus point to make your portfolio article become more attractive than ever.

**Folio Style 1.5 - Changelogs**

  • Support Fancy lightbox
  • Fix issue with Font Icon
  • Support Grid Gallery Addon

Gaia style

Gaia is an awesome style for TZ Portfolio+. It will help you create a beautiful gallery with ligthbox. Now it's been already enhanced with latest improvements.

**Gaia 1.3 - Changelogs**

  • Use fancybox for lightbox
  • Fontawesome 5 update
  • Support Carousel module
  • Fix issue with form edit on front-end.

Selena style

Selena is one of the most favorite styles for TZ Portfolio+, supporting 3 main types of layout: landscape, Portrait and Standard. It allows users to feature any articles, so that to make them outstandingly displayed from the others. 

**Selena 1.7 - Changelogs**

  • FontAwesome 5 compatible
  • Grid Gallery Addon support
  • Improve style css

Vani style

Vani is a flat grid style for TZ Portfolio+, supporting flexible configuration option with Title Position. Articles are provided with such a bunch of media types: Image, Grid Gallery, Image Gallery, Video, Audio, etc, and displayed with 3 main sizes: Standard, Landscape and Portrait.

**Vani 1.2 - Changelogs**

  • Font Awesome 5 support
  • Improve style css
  • Support for Grid Gallery add-on.

If you are using one of these stuff, don't late, update them as soon as possible to enjoy latest improvements. Please let us know any issues you're facing with, we're willing to help you figure them out, or event share your expectations from 

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019
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