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How to make a portfolio page with Dino


Some people may wonder that "what is Dino here?" For your information, Dino is a creative photography Joomla template, one of the latest item developed by TemPlaza. Being compatible with Joomla 3.x, clean and modern design, as well as, primarily integrated with TZ Portfolio+, it can match all websites related to Portfolio, Photography, Art gallery, Blogging, Minishop. Especially, Dino is completely made use of two stunning display styles of TZ Portfolio+ which are Amuda and Selena, so it becomes much easier for you to customize your portfolio than ever. 

Firstly, let's have a look at how beautiful Dino is on its demo! And the following part of this article is to instruct you to create a portfolio page using Selena style.

1. Technical requirements 

  • Joomla 3.x. (Recommended Joomla 3.9.x)
  • PHP version 7.x
  • TZ Portfolio v2.1.6+

2. How to Install Selena style 

  • Download Selena Style package and Param Plugin ""
  • Go to Administrator > Components > TZ Portfolio Plus > Styles
  • Click "Install" toolbar button > click next "Upload" button > Upload Selena style file
  • Go to Administrator > Extensions > Manager > Install > Upload "" Plugin
  • Go to Plugin Manager and enable the plugin "plg_system_tpl_selena_params"

​Download style package and Param plugin

​Install Param Plugin

​Upload style package

 Activate plugin ""

3. Configure Layout Style

  • After having done install the style, its layout immediately appears in Style Management, called "Selena - Default"
  • Selena style supports 3 types of layouts: selena-default, selena-classic, and selena-media-bottom.

4. Prepare portfolio content 

  • Add new articles with your own content
  • Select template (default, classic or media-bottom)
  • On the right sidebar, you can configure option for article view

5. Create a menu item with portfolio view

  • Please go to "Menus/Main Menu/Add new"
  • Menu type: TZ Portfolio Plus » Portfolio
  • TZ Portfolio Plus's template style: Selena - Default

Save your time with Dino now 

Dino has been already integrated with both Amuda and Selena style presented in 2 home versions. If you fall in love with them, there is no reason to waste your valuable time in creating your pages from scratch. All you need is download Dino and enjoy immediately, so try it for free now!

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