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Introduce Keira 1.0.0 - A new style for music website


I'm so hyped up to introduce a brand-new TZ Portfolio+ style named Keira. Keira is intentionally designed to serve music purposes like featuring music albums, videos or displaying Musicians, Bands, and Artists in a beautiful manner. If you're looking for one like Keira to scale your music website up to a new level, try it now!

I. Technical requirement


II. Keira's features

1. Support different layouts 

Keira style offers you 3 different types of layouts including Default, Album, and Video. After installing the Keira style, you have already had the Default layout. Then you're supposed to load presets of Album and Video layout in order to get 3 layouts ready to go.

Keira style supports 3 different layouts: Default, Album and Video

2. Lightbox option

Keira style supports to display images with lightbox and users can easily configure the light-box option in each detailed article. Besides that, it also grants you permission to set a width ratio of portfolio items (x1, x1.5, x2, or x3)

Lightbox and item width option in a detailed article

III. One-Click Installation

TZ Portfolio+ offers user a fast and easy way to install all styles, and Keira is not an exception. You can make use of One-click installer to integrate a favorite style and feature your portfolio page.

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