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Introduce new addons: Pricing content and Form Builder


Today I'm so pleased to announce that we have recently released 2 brand-new add-ons of TZ Portfolio+ extension, they are Pricing Content and Form Builder. There is no need to have coding skills to get familiar with these 2 addons, because they are completely easy to use and customize, even for novices.

Pricing content and form builder become to be like two peas in a pod. They support each other to improve user experience and help convert visitors into customers.

1. Pricing Content Addon

Pricing content is an addon created to feature the pricing of your products and services in a clean-looking way. Mobile-friendly and responsive, the pricing addon works well on all devices. You can easily add it to your portfolio articles thanks to drag & drop layout builder.

 Addon's Features

2. Form Builder Addon

Form builder is a user-friendly form creator that allows you to create professional forms within minutes. You can make use of this addon to create different types of forms such as contact forms, price request forms, reservation forms, and so on. 

 Addon's Features

3. How to install addons

Install add-ons with 1-click

Installing or updating addons is a straightforward procedure. You can use the one-click installer/updater of the component or even download them on our website and upload them manually. With the layout builder of TZ Portfolio+, you can also be able to manage where it should be placed in an article without any hassle. 

If you're looking for a solution to create pricing tables for your products and build contact forms to connect customers, why not give them a try? They are completely awesome and totally free. Go ahead!

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