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[New release] Introducing a brand-new addon - FlipBook Gallery



Today, we'e so excited to announce that another brand-new add-on for TZ Portfolio+ has been released, which is expected to bring a uniqueness for visual aspect. It's named FlipBook Gallery. This one is completely suitable for creating a portfolio showcase relating to photography, wedding album, or event advanced E-Book

Let's throw a brief glance at what's inside:

1. Unique layout 

FlipBook is a TZ Portfolio Addon designed with the purpose of playing images on the web in a flipbook layout, supporting many useful functions like Page Selector, Arrow Navigator, RTL Support, etc... This new portfolio layout definitely produces an interesting effect on viewer's perspective.

2. Lightbox image gallery 

​FlipBook Gallery has lightbox feature in common with its previous brother - Grid Gallery. In other words, FlipBook Gallery is inherited to display image gallery with lightbox, and the same lightbox options available to easily select in back-end: Auto-Slideshow, Fullscreen display, Zoom image, Download, Social share and Show thumbnail image

FlipBook - Display image gallery with lightbox

3. Easy configuration

With FlipBook Gallery add-on, you're entitled to not only select lightbox options, but also configure options like Navigator, Page Selector, Cover Page. Moreover, it's easy to adjust the width and height of gallery, gallery directions (RTL or LTR), as well as padding of the page.

Configure flipbook gallery add-on
Configure flipbook gallery add-on

4. Uploading image with ease  

​FlipBook Gallery allows you to upload unlimited number of images from your computer, with just a drag & drop, this act seems like a piece of cake. 

Ajax image upload

5. Wrap up 

In general, this FlipBook Gallery is intentionally developed to bring an out of box tool which supports TZ Portfolio+ users several options in creating portfolio page. So let's give it a shot and tell me your thoughts. Your comment and suggestion are always welcome!

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