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Reyla style for TZ Portfolio+ is already unleashed

Reyla style for TZ Portfolio+ is already unleashed

Dear TZ Portfolio lovers, 

Today we're so happy to release a new style for TZ Portfolio+ which is called Reyla. Reyla is the perfect formula created from the combination between Amuda and Reyla (demo styles). Thanks to CSS3, you'll have a chance to enjoy a modern style with interesting hover effect​. Let's find out what is built inside

Support several media types 

This style is compatible with such a bunch of media types like Image, Grid Gallery, Flipbook Gallery, Image Gallery, Video, Audio, etc. So you can easily integrate these add-ons to support the best performance of your articles. 

Display images with lightbox 

​Thanks to the support of latest add-ons like Grid Gallery and Flipbook Gallery, images included in your articles can be displayed with stunning lightbox gallery. 

Reyla - Lightbox display

Extra custom link 

Specially, with this Reyla style, you can take an advantage of the option "Project link information" which is already available in each article to create a custom link. In case, you want to redirect to external links, you can handle with ease by using Reyla. 

Add a custom link to an article

Technical Requirements 

  • Joomla 3.x. (Recommended Joomla 3.9.x)
  • TZ Portfolio+ v2.2.1+

One-click installation 

  1. Go to Administrator > Components > TZ Portfolio Plus > Styles
  2. Click "Install" toolbar button -> Navigate Reyla style -> Click "Install Now" Button
  3. Then a green message appears "Installation of the Style was successful"

​If you fall in love with Reyla, don't hesitate to install it now, to enjoy awesome features. Beside that, feel free to share with us your comments or any suggestions about Reyla in particular, and TZ Portfolio+ in general. Thanks for your reading!

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