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[Update] TZ Portfolio+ 2.3.7 released

Hi folks,  Today, we're happy to release TZ Portfolio+ 2.3.7 which comes with such a bunch of bug-fixes and enhancements. In this release, beside addressing some known issues, we have already made some important updates to improve user experience like optimizing code files, updating default style, and others.  Let's take a ...
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What do you think about the update on TZ Portfolio+ 2.2.8?

Dear our beloved customers, Hope you're doing well there! TZ Portfolio team would like to shout out a big "thank you" for all of your love and sincere support for a long time. We've already been through different versions of TZ Portfolio+ and there is such a bunch of improvements coming along. It can be said that TZ Portfolio+ is an awesome extensi...
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I am a student and I had to write my final coursework at the University. I found this service and gave a try. Both me and my profe... Read More
Saturday, 28 September 2019 09:20
I am also exploring the differences on the two issues, but the information is missing, thank you for sharing, krunker... Read More
Thursday, 28 November 2019 02:45
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JD Gurukul - A brand new template powered by TZ Portfolio+

Dear our beloved clients,  Today, We're so pleased to introduce a new template named JD Gurukul which is developed and designed by our Partner JoomDev . JD Gurukul is a complete solution for schools, universities, institutes, colleges ​  and educational organizations. JD Gurukul is integrated with TZ Portfolio+ out of box, displaying...
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TZ Portfolio+ 2.1.2 released

Hey guys, Today, we're so pleased to announce that TZ Portfolio+ version 2.1.2 is already available. Now you can download and get some bugs below absolutely fixed. If you get any issues during this update, please report them to us and we'll help to figure out. **Change-logs** + Fix error when Cookie return "undefined" on Portfolio page + ...
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10 Best Portfolio Joomla Templates 2019

Are you planing to start building a website for some specific purposes? So portfolio is concerned as an essential part that you're supposed to pay much attention to. Obviously, it takes time to looking for an ideal template that suits your expectations, have you got one yet? Currently, there is such a multiple choice of Joomla Portfolio templates a...
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Jason Boo
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Tuesday, 03 September 2019 18:14
Jason Boo
Tuesday, 03 September 2019 18:20
Jason Boo
Tuesday, 03 September 2019 18:20
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Invitation to collaborate with TZ Portfolio for mutual benefits

Dear friends and partners, TZ Portfolio+ is concerned as the best portfolio extension for Joomla until now. To help more and more Joomla users to have a chance experience this great extension, we have been launching a partnership project with Joomla template providers, on the purpose of bringing mutual benefits. When collaborating with TZ Port...
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New stunning Joomla template for TZ Portfolio+

Kavin II is a Corporate Joomla Template supporting with TZ Portfolio+ to display content in a clean and beautiful way. For any purposes of businesses, freelancers, agencies, consulting, this is certainly a perfect portfolio template. By using Vani style , you can completely present the information in the most...
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Sebastian Bryan
Template of the June is deported for all promotions of the works. The visits of the Read More
Thursday, 15 November 2018 05:16
Daniel Essay
Great template. I used to create some websites being a student but studying was a bit distracting, so this place came in handy - d... Read More
Saturday, 23 November 2019 16:10
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New add-on "TZ Portfolio migration" is already unleashed

In the context that the old component - TZ Portfolio is no longer supported any more, TZ Portfolio Plus is highly recommended to use instead. Parentally, TZ Portfolio Plus is much more better than the old TZ Portfolio, such as supporting with various practicable add-ons. TZ Portfolio users are subject to take in account of replacing the old TZ Portfolio by the new one - TZ Portfolio Plus, which seems like an essential job. As a result, a brand-new add-on is already developed to serve this work.

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Sheila Phelps
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 11:28
Clarence Padilla
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Guest — aska
nice update
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 06:25
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31 December 2019
Hi guys, Today, I'm so pleased to introduce you a brand new item released - JD New York Multipurpose Joomla Template designed and developed by our partner JoomDev. JD New York is a modern, elegant, and versatile platform that can readily service all ...
21 December 2019
Hi guys, TZ Portfolio+ is an open source portfolio extension that has reached out thousands of users all over the world. It means the extension is supposed to be stable in multiple languages, so that users are able to enjoy it not only in a stan...
18 December 2019
Dear our beloved customers, Christmas 2019 is just around the corner. I hope you will have a really good time with your friends and family. As you know, giving Christmas gifts is one of the important and traditional part of s...
17 December 2019
Hi folks, Have you ever wished to have a single article entirely displayed as a module, not just intro-text? If so, you wish has come true today. Our team are so pleased to announce that a new module for TZ Portfolio+ has recently been released, call...
08 December 2019
Hi folks, Today, we're happy to release TZ Portfolio+ 2.3.7 which comes with such a bunch of bug-fixes and enhancements. In this release, beside addressing some known issues, we have already made some important updates to improve user exper...

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