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TZ Portfolio+ is ready for PHP 8.2


Hi folks, 

Today I'm so pleased to announce that TZ portfolio+ 2.6.5 is available. Coming with this release, you'll find several bug fixes and improvements. Especially, it has already been compatible with PHP 8.2. As a result, you can have it work properly and present a stable performance on the latest PHP version. Why not take a brief look at what's included in the updated batch? 

Update Change-log



 How to update the component

To update the component, you should go to Joomla Dashboard > Notifications > Extension updates > Checkbox TZ Portfolio+ > Click Update button and finish the update process. This is absolutely straightforward.

If you're using an old version, I suggest that you should update the component to the latest version to make sure it will work without known issues above. In case you encounter any issues with the latest version, please post a thread on our forum or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get assistance. 

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