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TZ Portfolio Plus 2.1.9 is available


Hi guys, 

Today, our team are happy to announce that TZ Portfolio+ version 2.1.9 is already available. This release is to fix some known bugs and make important changes. Please take this version into your account and apply these changes. Let's have a brief look at all we've done in this new release

**TZ Portfolio+ 2.1.9 - Changelog**

- Fix error can't vote in article view.
- Change the number of limited articles to 30 in free version.
- Add feature related article by Tag
(add a new option "Related Article By" in Article View Options. Its default is "Tag").

If you encounter any issues during updating this version, feel free to contact and let us know. We're always open to receive any great suggestions from users so that we can update to improve TZ Portfolio+ better. As a result, just enjoy and share your thoughts! 

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