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[Updates] 7 TZ Portfolio+ styles get new goodies and performance boost


We can easily observe so many changes everyday. Everything gets changed so fast with newest trends, no exception with TZ Portfolio+ as well. To empower you to keep page with these global changes, we always try to release frequent updates on stuffs. So let's see what our developers are up to. That's another new batch of style updates. Here below is the list of 7 TZ Portfolio+ styles getting updated this time.

Demo styles

Demo styles are also known as the name "28 Styles in 1 Package", which includes 19 Portfolio Styles and 9 Single article styles in 1 package. You can easily change or apply several stunning styles on your Portfolio pages without spending too much effort.  

**Demo styles - Changelogs**

- Fix error filter categories.
- Add option

Besley style 

Besley is a style providing us with a clean and clear look, supporting with lightbox. It's suitable for Gallery, Photo page or Showcase.

**Besley 1.2 - Changelogs**

  • Font Awesome 5 support
  • Fancybox lightbox support
  • Grid Gallery addon support

Simple style 

Simple is a beautiful portfolio style which comes with simple design as exact as its name. This is the best match to build a portfolio gallery, photo page or project showcase.

**Simple 1.1 - Changelogs**

  • FontAwesome 5 support
  • Carousel module style
  • Optimize style
  • Support all media type

Zalta style 

Zalta is one of latest styles designed with new features, supporting media types like image, gallery and video. You can have images and videos displayed in a gallery lightbox, There are several lightbox options selected in back-end such as: Auto-Slideshow, Fullscreen display, Zoom image, Download, Social share and Show thumbnail image.

You can have a look at how perfectly Zalta is integrated in an industrial Joomla template - JD Coax from our partner JoomDev.

**Zalta 1.0.2 - Changelogs**

  • Support Grid Gallery Addon

Oraz style 

This lovely niche style is built and suitable for musicians, artists, music bands or entertainment fields. It supports to display music albums in lightbox. It's also supposed to have Music Addon integrated to properly show your playlist. Oraz is also made use of stunning features to shine its beauty in a Music Band Joomla template, which is exactly named Oraz. Enjoy it!

**Oraz 1.0.2 - Changelogs**

  • FontAwesome 5 compatible
  • Grid Gallery Addon support
  • Improve style css

Art Gallery style 

This is a beautiful style for an Art Gallery website. It will be so stunning to show your paintings, art works, collections, and exhibit the world your remarkable talents. Art Gallery is devoted to viewers masterpieces of your real art.

**Art Gallery 1.2 - Changelog**

  • FontAwesome 5 compatible
  • Support Portfolio & Carousel module
  • Improve style css

Profiler style 

Profiler is a clean style primarily created for a portfolio page displaying profile, and information of individuals, team members, sponsors, staff, etc ... All necessary information are shown in a concise and logical manner. It'll be time saving for you from building from scratch  because Profiler style has already been available in Consulta - Consultation & Lawyer Joomla Template from TemPlaza. 

**Profiler 1.2 - Changelogs**

  • Fix error with font icon.
  • Fontawesome 5
  • Support all media types

I guess that you are going to be so excited like me after checking out these updated style. So, update your site now and thank me later. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for being with TZ Portfolio.

Don't forget about one-click installation with these easy steps:

  1. Go to Administrator -> Components -> TZ Portfolio Plus -> Styles
  2. Click "Upload" toolbar button -> Navigate your style -> Click "Install Now" or "Update Now" button
  3. Then a green message appears "Installation of the Style was successful." 
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