Documentation for the TZ Portfolio+ and official add-ons can be found below.


I. How to Install:

* First, you need to install Amuda template for TZ Portfolio plus:

  1. After downloading Amuda template, please extract it
  2. Go to Administrator -> Components -> TZ Portfolio Plus -> Templates
  3. Click "Upload" toolbar button -> Choose package Amuda (zip) -> Click "Upload & Install" Button

II. How to configure Amuda template

1. Firstly, Go to Components > TZ Portfolio Plus > Styles

- Go to Administrator -> Components -> TZ Portfolio Plus -> Styles (or Click Styles on sidebar) -> Click amuda - default and Configure it

- Turn on Layout Builder, and you can remove which layout blocks unnecessary, or change their order (this layout is how a single article is displayed in front-end)

2. Go to Components > TZ Portfolio Plus > Articles:

- Add new articles with your own content, select template amuda - default

- Go to Style >amuda - default > Article Assignment: select those that you want to assign to this layout

3. Create Portfolio Menu:

Please go to "Menus/Main Menu/Add new"

Menu type: TZ Portfolio Plus » Portfolio

TZ Portfolio Plus's template style: amuda - Default

In tab basic option, navigate the option "Use lightbox", and switch to Yes. Then you already have lightbox of viewing Portfolio articles

Please see Live demo Link  to have better look.