Documentation for the TZ Portfolio+ and official add-ons can be found below.

There are several templates for TZ Portfolio Plus recently released like: Besley, Folio, Simple, Selena and so on, which brings out beautiful performances on portfolio pages. According to some questions related to TZ Portfolio Plus's template, we'd like to give you a guideline of how to override them. This will be so helpful for those people who really need modify TZ Portfolio +'s template on their own. 

  • Step 1: Following this path \templates\template's name\html\com_tz_portfolio_plus\article\default_extrafields.php and create a folder named "com_tz_portfolio_plus"
  • Step 2: Copy those folders that need modifying following this path components\com_tz_portfolio_plus\templates\elegant\html\default\article and then paste them into the newly created folder "com_tz_portfolio_plus" above

  • For example: if you want to modify Extrafield in TZ Portfolio Plus's article, please copy the folder "Article" and paste it into "com_tz_portfolio_plus" , then you can easily manage all changes in file "default_extrafields".