Before creating a new article:

+ Please check whether you have enough things to create a new article. They are: group fields, fields and categories. If not, please create them before.

+ After that, please follow the following instructions to create an article normally.

Step 1: Firstly, go to Components > TZ Portfolio Plus> Articles and click New button.

Step 2: After that, please fill the title, main category and media types (required) and other information

+ In this part, users need to pay attention to required parts such as title, main categories, media type and the places for configuration

+ In fact, TZ Portfolio Plus support many media types such as image slider, audio, video, quote, link.

+ However, when you install TZ Portfolio Plus, you only see two default media types such No media and image.

+ To get more information on media types, please see the part "Addons".

Step 3: Finally, save the new article

Step 4: To edit it, you can open it again See the video to know how to create an article.