TZ Portfolio Plus Portfolio

Read Time: 2 mins

Module "TZ Portfolio Plus Portfolio" is newly included in the component TZ Portfolio Plus version 1.2.1. This module completely replaces "TZ Portfolio Plus Articles" with new features. TZ Portfolio Plus Articles currently plays as a separate module 

Here below are some configurations of this module. Please have a look:

  • This module is supported with template: simple - Default, folio - Default, and  demo - Default ( default style only). Other styles of Demo - default haven't been supported yet.
  • Adjust "Width item" to change the number of columns
  • All Portfolio articles are filtered by Tag and Category
  • Menu assignment: assign it to pages you really need
  • Configure other options: article limit, introtext limit, show voting, show vote counter, and so on


 Here below is how the module is displayed in front-end: 

  • After having created this module, remember to add new block to display it in layout
  • If you use Templaza's templates, or TZ Portfolio Plus Demo, please go to Extensions > Templates > styles > Layout configuration, and add a new position for this module
  • If you use a different custom templates, please make sure layout contains module's position