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How to configure lightbox of TZ Portfolio+ articles

Read Time: 1 min

Lightbox can be used when you are using the articles with Image Type in category layouts.

To configure the lightbox of article in TZ Porfolio Plus, you need to check through 2 levels. This feature is applied for the layout Portfolio, Date Articles, Tag Articles and User Articles. They are:


    1. Global level
    2. Menu Item level

The priority of the setting will be applied from 2 to 1. It means that the setting in Global level will be applied for article layouts unless they are changed for a specific menu item.

I. Global level

  • To configure in this level, please go to Components > TZ Portfolio Plus > Options and configure in tab General.

II. Menu Item level

  • To configure in this level, please go to Menus > Main Menu > Menu then configure in tab Basic Options.