How to configure Simple style

Read Time: 2 mins


I. How to Install:

* First, you need to install Simple style for TZ Portfolio plus:

  1. Go to Administrator -> Components -> TZ Portfolio Plus -> Styles
  2. Click "Upload" toolbar button -> Navigate Simple Style -> Click "Install Now" Button
  3. Then a green message appears "Installation of the Style was successful."

II. How to configure Simple style

1. Firstly, Go to Components > TZ Portfolio Plus > Layouts

- Go to Administrator -> Components -> TZ Portfolio Plus ->  Layouts (or Click layouts on sidebar) -> Click simple - default and configure it

- Turn on Layout Builder, and you can remove which layout blocks unnecessary, or change their order (this layout is how a single article is displayed in front-end)

2. Go to Components > TZ Portfolio Plus > Articles:

- Add new articles with your own content, select style simple - default

- Go to Style > simple - default > Article assignment: select those that you want to assign to this layout

3. Create Portfolio Menu:

Please go to "Menus/Main Menu/Add new"

Menu type: TZ Portfolio Plus » Portfolio

TZ Portfolio Plus's template style: simple - Default

Configure options in tab Basic options

Please see Live demo Link  to have better look.