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Hello all,

while searching for a solution for our organisation's new joomla website I found this component and it looks quite promising to what I want to achieve. But there's one thing I couldn't find out yet which is why I ask here.

A few words beforehand: we are a group that organises hiking, bike or canoe tours etc. - these are open for everybody and our page visitors should feel invited and become curious. We have small reports and a few pictures of our passed events. Then there are also mixed events (e.g. a hike and bike weekend) and sometimes there are sequels of tours in the next year etc., which is why I feel like a portfolio page could fit very well since each event could be seen as a project with a report (description) and a bunch of fotos, the tags could care for mixed events and so on. Sequels could be linked with each other.

Now to the actual question or wish: It looks like the component would give me extra fields for event start and end date (with the charity plugin at least), so my idea was to also use tz portfolio for event "management", already setting up future events. This way I wouldn't need to put everything in twice and the data, tags and categories are already there for the time I add some photos or a report. The two things I'd still need though are: a kind of calendar view - preferably a mini calendar module - and a list view of upcoming events - which might be possible by (ab)using the charity plugin.

Before I buy: could anyone tell me if such a calendar view and list of upcoming events would be possible without much programming (as I'm new to joomla)? I'm also open to other suggestions but since this solution would also give me galleries, with filters, additional info... it would be really handy if I could have this in just one component.
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  1. Wednesday, 18 September 2019
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Thanks so much for your interest and questions!
Regarding your requirements, I suggest that you should have a look at this Charity Joomla Template that is integrated with TZ Portfolio+ perfectly. It provides with Gallery, filters (by tags or categories), additional info with extra fields, Event listing. Donation gateway is available with PayPal.
TZ Portfolio+ gives you the possibility of creating Current and upcoming events with Charity Add-on as well. Events can be displayed by grid or list layout.
If you have other questions, kindly let me know
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