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  Tuesday, 15 August 2017
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TZ Portfolio Plus 1.2.6. (2018-04-27)

- Fix error when upload image from server of Image addon.
- Fix error can't save params in add or edit field (backend).
- Fix error getItem() function of template in libraries.
- Added field addon_id for table tz_portfolio_plus_addon_meta.
- Added tables/tag_content_map.php file in admin.
- Added Project Link type of article view in template style.
- Optimize code of file path models/article.php in admin.
- Optimize code of file path models/tag.php in admin.
- Optimize code of file path models/addon.php in admin.
- Optimize code of file path helpers/tags.php in admin.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.2.5. (2018-03-19)

- Fix error: Use of undefined constant COM_TZ_PORTFOLIO_PLUS_ACL_SECTIONS
- Remove lightbox feature of core.
- Remove Cloud Zoom of Image Addon.
- Remove styles of charity addon and added styles for social addon in elegant template.
- Move option "Show Original Gif Image" of image Addon from category edit to addon's global config.
- Optimize multiplefield xml field.
- Update code of function getListQuery() in portfolio model.
- Update "Upload" text to "Install" of button upload in addons view and templates view (back-end).
- Added upload button in layout upload of view addon and template.
- Added install addons and templates from server.
- Added option "Show Image" of image add-on for category listing and article view.
- Added option "Enable Search Link" (Insert search link for value of field in front-end.) for field.
- Added option "Show Image" for tag articles listing, user article listing and data article listings in global and category, article.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.2.4. (2018-02-09)

- Fix error of view date.
- Update elegant template v1.5: support styles for TZ Portfolio+ Carousel module.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.2.3. (2018-01-26)

- Fix error function TZ_Portfolio_PlusModuleHelper::getLayoutPath.
- Fix error when ajax load in portfolio view of v1.2.2

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.2.2. (2018-01-18)

- Fix error vote of module TZ Portfolio Plus Portfolio.
- Fix error edit acl when click button "Edit" in back-end.
- Fix warning in modal tag when create menu with menu item type is "Tag Articles".
- Fix error TZ Portfolio Plus's template assign for modules.
- Fix error sort article by ordering in front-end.
- Fix error language in preset of version 1.2.1
- Added sort article by ordering reverse.
- Added function generate image url with size (for developer).

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.2.1. (2018-01-11)

- Fix warning when updating from version 1.1.8.
- Fix error "save tags" when creating or editing article in version 1.2.0
- Fix error "override module's html" (Add template assignment into module).
- Remove module TZ Portfolio Plus Articles in core (Extracted to independent package).
- Add new module TZ Portfolio Plus Portfolio (This module displays articles informing portfolio).
- Add new view type for some addons (create view types in "Menu Item/Menu Item Type";).

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.2.0. (2018-01-06)

- Fix error sort articles by order.
- Fix and update permissions.
- Update some style of views in back-end.
- Update elegant template v1.3
- Added ACL view in back-end.
- Support for addon can create permissions.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.8. (2017-11-27)

+ Fix error in loading articles with Ajax Infinite Scroll in Portfolio view.
+ Fix error related to masonry and categories filter display in portfolio layout of module TZ Portfolio Plus Articles.
+ Fix error in displaying articles of sub-categories in portfolio view.
+ Update feature: Can override module of portfolio+ in portfolio plus's template.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.7. (2017-11-14)

+ Fix warning in plugin libraries back-end file.
+ Fix error filter in module TZ Portfolio Plus Articles.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.6. (2017-10-13)

+ Removed Brasil and Vietnamese Language from the main package (Compressed to Brasil and Vietnamese language package).
+ Added options: show title, show introtext... in "Article View Options" for category and article edit form (Used for article view in front-end).
+ Added option filter type and added categories filter of layout portfolio in module TZ Portfolio Plus Articles.
+ [backend] Fix error language of sort table by in fields manager.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.5. (2017-10-09)

+ Fix warning when disable all add-on of addon list view in backend.
+ Update create and edit article in front-end
+ Disable "Save & Close" button of edit article form in back-end.
+ Fix error display icon font of elegant template.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.4. (2017-09-13)

+ [backend] Fix issue addon display
+ [frontend] Update elegant template version 1.1 in default.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.3. (2017-09-07)

+ [frontend] Update Image Addon v1.0.8 - Accept gif image
+ [backend] Fix error can not add extrafield
+ [language] Update Brasil and Vietnamese Language

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.2. (2017-08-31)

+ [frontend] Fix error notice when show all categories in filter
+ [backend] Fix style of Layout Builder in version 1.1.1

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.1. (2017-08-30)

+ [backend] Fix error link with Styles in Dashboard

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.1.0. (2017-08-29)

+ [frontend] Fix warning when user logged in at Date View
+ [frontend] Add project link in project detail
+ [frontend] Add new default style - Elegant
+ [frontend] Fix error with addon attachment
+ [backend] Add Dashboard View
+ [backend] Fix style at Template
+ [backend] Fix problem of Main Category and Sub-Categories
+ [backend] New look on all view
+ [backend] Change input type of Social link at User edit.
+ [backend] Fix problem with trash feature

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0.7. (2017-08-11)

+ Fix error Layout default_extrafields not found in view users.
+ Fix error placeholder for text and textarea search addons.
+ Added parameters from extrafields for article and category edit form if extrafield support xml files.
+ Fix error addon_task submit.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0.6. (2016-12-30)

+ Fix error in router when the addon has have router
+ Fix error when create group field first.
+ Add filter module.
+ Add options: List View, Details View , Advanced Search in extrafield.
+ Added search view.
+ Display extrafield info in portfolio view, search view.
+ Fix error sort article by ordering and by category order.
+ Fix error sort categories in back-end.
+ Added option "Filter Secondary Category"
+ Added sort extrafield by group field
+ Display Categories Assignment & Total fields for Field Groups in back-end.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0.5 (2016-11-11)

+ Fix error when install in Joomla v3.2.7
+ Fix error can't use isotope layout (fitRows, straighDown)
+ Update return link for addon edit when addon data created option link.
+ Fix error assign categories in group field with first save group field.
+ Remove block html when columns don't display html.
+ Add return link when save & close add-on.
+ Change error message of addon to display in alert box.
+ Fix error JHtml Icon in view portfolio.
+ Fix error default value of textarea extrafield addon.
+ Change language in view template and template style.
+ Fix error validate in module mod_tz_portfolio_plus_categories.
+ Remove navigation of core in Single layout builder (change to addon).
+ Fix error sort template style in template styles view.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0.4 (2016-09-15)

+ Fix some warning when install first component.
+ Fix error option "Layout" in Template Style with joomla 3.6.2
+ Fix warning: added function postDeleteHook to path file libraries/controller/admin.php
+ Update basic styles for default template of component, modules: TZ Portfolio Plus Articles, TZ Portfolio Plus Tags and TZ Portfolio Plus Categories.

-TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0.3 (2016-06-10)

+Fix error upload image from server with add-on image of v1.0.2

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0. 2 (2016-06-07)

+ Fix error select tags with layout portfolio of module mod_tz_portfolio_plus_articles.
+ Fix error upload image with add-ons: image, image gallery of v1.0.1
+ New feature: Preset for template style.

TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0. 1 (2016-05-27)

+ Fix errors with view categories: Can't display categories; Insert option category image in global and view.
+ Fix validate html with users view.
+ Fix enter key when choose tags and disable autocommplete when put tags in view create article with joomla 3.5.x
+ Feature: run sql and script.php file for addon as component.

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... thank you for this upgrade ;)
6 years ago
... what are changelogs of this new version (1.1.2)?
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