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Vani is a flat grid style for Portfolio. It's support Title Position and Display in Landscape and Portrait.

Features ListDetail
Media Type All Media Type (Image, Grid Gallery, Image Gallery, Video, Audio, etc)
Display in Lightbox Article support display in lightbox
3 Portfolio type Standard, Landscape and Portrait

Technical requirement

  • Joomla 3.x. (Recommended Joomla 3.9.x)
  • TZ Portfolio v2.1.7+

How to get Support

- Go to our support forum and ask a question


Version 1.9

  • [feature] Use Sass in css
  • [feature] Add subtitle in portfolio view
  • [fix bug] Fix some minor bugs

Version 1.6

  • [feature] Add lightbox for Portfolio
  • [Improve] Improve style css
  • [fix bug] Fix some minor bugs

Version 1.2

  • FontAwesome 5 support
  • Improve style css
  • Support for Grid Gallery addon.